The Gang of White

On Thursday, August 16, 2012, Boston hosted its first Dîner en Blanc event. This event first appeared in Paris 15 years ago, and is often described as the world’s first viral event. This isn’t a flash mob dancing to the strains of The Sound of Music or “Thriller” – no, it’s something else entirely. Groups of people dressed entirely in white formal wear meet up, then travel to a secret/surprise location to have a lovely dinner. They bring tables, chairs, white table linens, and picnic baskets for a classy dinner in the open air, then take everything with them when they depart at the evening’s end. Getting on the guest list requires a reservation far in advance if a spot is available…or to be invited by someone who has already attended. Boston’s Dîner en Blanc is still in its infancy, with some 700 people attending the first gathering; in Paris, it’s grown to 10,000. That’s a lot of white.

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