• (Submission Forthcoming) Article: “A Singer from Casanova’s Circle: Louise ‘Lolotte’ Gaucher, Fille d’Opéra (c. 1717-1765)”
  • (Submission Forthcoming) Article: “Revolutionary Songs and Opera in French Saint-Domingue during the Haitian Revolution”
  • (Submitted / Under Review) Article: “By Cover of Darkness: Western Travelers, Exoticism, and the Forbidden in the Séga Music of Pre-Abolition Mauritius”
  • Chapter: “Rise of Online Higher Education, Global English Collisions, and the Academic American English Dialect” in Stanley D. Brunn, Roland Kehrein, eds., Handbook of the Changing World Language Map (Springer, 2019)
  • Chapter: “High Class Pretension and Low Expectations: P.G. Wodehouse and the Middlebrow in American Musical Comedy,” in Ann Rea, ed. Middlebrow Wodehouse (Ashgate Publications, 2013)
  • Chapter: “La Fille du Régiment and the Construction of French Patriotism and Identity in the Inter-Empire Period,” in Roberto Illiano, ed. Studies on Italian Music History, Vol. 8 (Brepols Publications, 2013)
  • Article: “Corporate Musical Gems in the Hagley Library Collections,” Hagley Library Newsletter
  • Article: “Need and Action: A Reflection on Vocations and Currents of Change in the Catholic Church,” Anna Howard Shaw Center Newsletter 29:2
  • Doctoral Dissertation: Priests, Pirates, Opera Singers, and Slaves: Séga and European Art Music in Mauritius, ‘The Little Paris of the Indian Ocean’ (2013) abstract

Papers Presented

  • Paper: “A Singer from Casanova’s Circle: Louise ‘Lolotte’ Gaucher (c. 1717-1765), Fille d’Opéra and Courtesan,” Midwest Chapter of the American Musicological Association Spring Meeting, Minneapolis, MN [12 April 2014]
  • Paper: “Boscawen’s Repulse and the Sound of the Drums: A Case Study in Ethnomusicologically-Informed Military History” Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Appleton, WI [5 April 2014]
  • Invited Lecture: “Liszt, the Symphonic Poem, and Wagner’s Mature Style.” Townsend School of Music at Mercer University, Macon, GA [24 May 2013]
  • Paper: “Challenges to Greco-Roman Concepts of Music in Marin Mersenne’s Questions Harmoniques (1634),” Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA [4-6 April 2013]
  • Paper: “Music Ministry in the Catholic Church: From Clerical to Lay Leadership,” Catholic Vocations in a Time of Change Symposium, Boston, MA [21 March 2013]
  • Paper: “Music and the Pirates of Madagascar,” American Musicological Society – New England Chapter, Medford, MA [2 February 2013]
  • Paper: “The Rise and Fall of Classical Music in Colonial Mauritius, ‘The Little Paris’ of the Indian Ocean,” Joint Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Society of Ethnomusicology, and Society for Music Theory, New Orleans, LA [1-4 November 2012]
  • Paper: “Re-Attributing London-Royal College of Music MS1070: New Technologies and Insights,” Boston University Medieval and Renaissance Symposium, Boston, MA [9 October 2012]
  • Paper:“Identity in Mauritius: the Role of Government Policy and Tourism in ‘National Culture,’” International Musicological Society Congress, Rome, Italy [1-7 July 2012]
  • Paper: “Glocalization, Tourism, and Employment Opportunities for Musicians in Mauritius,” Current Trends in Ethnomusicological Research 4, Hildesheim, Germany [27-30 June 2012]
  • Paper:“La Fille du Régiment and the Construction of French Patriotism and Identity in the Inter-Empire Period,” VIVA V.E.R.D.I. Conference, Pistoia, Italy [17 September 2011]
  • Paper:“Confrontation and Accommodation in the Battle of Séga and Christian Song in Mauritius,” Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives, Ripon College Cuddesdon [3 September 2011]
  • Paper: “Under Cover of Darkness: Slavery, Exoticism, and Illegal Dance in Colonial Mauritius,” Northeast Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting [2 April 2011]
  • Paper: “The Tudor Rose, Anne Boleyn, and Heraldry in the Attribution of Royal College of Music Manuscript 1070,” Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting [26 March 2011]
  • Paper: “Pamphlets Seen and Sung: the Reformation Drawn and Countered,” Propagandes Objectifs et pratiques au 16e siècle et au 20e siècle, Université-Libre-de-Bruxelles [23 October 2009]
  • Paper: “Death by Education: the Soviet School System and the Decline of Armenian Folk Song,” American Musicological Society Pacific Southwest Chapter Meeting [16 February 2008]
  • Paper: “A Music Book for Lowinsky: Tudor Iconography in London-Royal College of Music Manuscript 1070,” Boston University Turbo Talks [3 April 2007]

Book Reviews, Concert Reviews, and Magazine Features

  • Book Review: “Byrd, by Kerry McCarthy,” in Early Music America (Winter 2013).

I joined the staff of the Boston Musical Intelligencer in 2013, writing concert reviews and featured articles on musical topics. For a current listing of these writings, please see my author page on the BMInt website.