Stage Works

Listen to “Just Another Adventure of Sir Winksalot” from The Succession Crisis.

Listen to “Aria of Dreams” from Don Giovanni di Casanova.

Listen to “Renew Us” from The Fall of the Round Table.

Listen to “Bella” from The Fall of the Round Table.

Listen to the Love Theme from The Queer Tale of Snow White.

Listen to “So Wrong” from The Falling of Seasons (piano-vocal version, with Haesung Park and Liana Guberman).

Listen to “So Wrong” from The Falling of Seasons (soprano-glockenspiel-clarinet-harp-piano version, with Maggie Mae Sulentic, Jarod Bendele, Alex Hecker, and Basil Considine).


  • Game of Thrones: The Musical (2016) 60-minute musical
  • The Queer Tale of Snow White (2007-present) full-length musical
  • The Fall of the Round Table (2007) 60-minute musical
  • The Falling of Seasons (2003) full-length musical


As composer-librettist:

  • A Portrait of a Whirlwind (in-progress; with Jolie O’Dell and Maxim Samarov)
  • Don Giovanni di Casanova (2007-present) opera
  • Simply Tonal (2012) operatic scene

  • The Frat Party (2014/2007) 45-minute opera
  • The Last Straw (2020-present)
  • The Wedding Fiasco (2009) opera

As contributing composer and composer-librettist:

  • Eruption! An Opera of Volcanic Proportions (2021)

As librettist:


  • Thor: Jurassic Park (2017) 60-minute play
  • Reassignment (2017) 5-minute play
  • Mom, Dad…I’m Fat! (2012) 10-minute play
  • The Abortion Bomb (2012) 45-minute play
  • The Last Command of Treason (2008) 30-minute play

Standalone Music-Theater Songs and Scenes

  • “A Proper Laboratory Mouse” (2016), for mezzo-soprano, soprano, and soprano/tenor comedic, uptempo vocal trio
    • A laboratory mouse with enhanced intelligence tries to recruit a field mouse to assist her in supporting an absent-minded scientist.
    • Lyrics by Rick Widen.
  • “Pulses” (2016), for mezzo-soprano, soprano, and baritone serious vocal trio
    • Written in memory of the victims of the 2016 Pulse club shooting victims in Orlando.
    • Lyrics by Courtney Stirn.
  • “The Wedding Toast / Killed it with a Kiss” (2016), for soprano serious ballad
    • The bride’s childhood friend has a devastating toast to unleash at the wedding. Written in the style of a Disney “I want” princess song.
    • Lyrics by Mark Rosenwinkel.
  • “Safety / Treason / Winky / McGee – Just Another Adventure of Sir Winksalot” (2016), for baritone and tenor comedic vocal duo
    • The dashing and rather full of himself Sir Winksalot encounters his childhood archrival Sir Marquee Evil McGee. Hilarity ensues when Winksalot tries to apprehend McGee for various nefarious doings. Now part of the forthcoming opera The Succession Crisis!
    • Lyrics by Heather Meyer.
  • “Secrets” (2016), for high baritone/tenor comedic, uptempo tenor song
    • The butler to Christian Grey (of 50 Shades of Grey fame) dishes on serving the rich and famous and S&M-loving.
    • Lyrics by Maxie Rockymore.