The Frat Party

The boys of the Beta Epsilon Epsilon Rho fraternity want to throw a party in the middle of finals. They have just three problems: no money to buy beer, an RA who’s after them and has busted them before for partying in the dorms, and (worst of all) the guy who does all their homework has figured out that they’re taking advantage of him and decided to leave. They overcome all of these obstacles and throw the party, inviting some sorority girls – and, whoops, invited someone’s ex! As the alcohol flows, professions of love and hate come flying out. Then the campus police show up to try and bust the party – and that’s an opera in an hour!

8 soloists plus optional chorus

  • 3 sopranos, 1 mezzosoprano, 2 tenors, 1 baritone, bass or
  • 4 sopranos, 1 mezzosoprano, 2 tenors, 1 baritone

piano/vocal score and piano/vocal/clarinet/flute/cello score available

World premiere at Boston University, 2008.

Revised version premiered by Really Spicy Opera, 2014.