Thor: Jurassic Park

60-minute play, comedy

4m, 5f, 2 gf (expandable)

Hawkeye has come out of the closet and taken a job at Jurassic Park. After a tragic accident, he asks Thor and his Avenger buddies to endorse the park as safe. Hilarity ensues as the dinosaurs escape.

This 60-minute play is a pop culture mashup of two iconic franchises: Jurassic Park and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. LGBT themes are explored over the course of the play as the mostly inept heroes are trounced repeatedly by the T-Rex, velociraptors, and pterodactyls.

Uses significant puppetry.

Cast of Characters

  • Thor: A Norse god and superhero. Also an Avenger.
  • Hawkeye: A former Avenger.
  • Falcon: An Avenger.
  • Ant Man/Ant Woman: An Avenger
  • Black Widow: An Avenger.
  • Hammond: A business executive.
  • Dr. Arnold: A scientist and ER physician.
  • Timmy: Hammond’s grandson.
  • Lex: Hammond’s granddaughter.
  • Nedra: A computer systems engineer.
  • Lady Thor: A new superhero.
  • 2 pterodactyls
  • 2 velociraptors
  • 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Lots of people and puppets that get eaten

Premiered by Access World Productions at the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival at Theatre in the Round (Minneapolis, MN).

Falcon (Christy Johnson) runs from a pair of pterodactyls (Sarah Chapman, Meera Stafford) in Thor: Jurassic Park.