Meow and Forever: A Romance in Two Cats

Score by Jodi Goble. Libretto by Basil Considine.

40-minute chamber opera for SSSMM, SSSSM, or SSMMM. A lighthearted, feel-good show about chosen family, time management in the modern world, and the challenges of post-college friendship and queer romance. For one love triangle and two cats.


An opera about queer women loving queer women while navigating that strange world of post-collegiate dating. Bailey is swept away in a whirlwind romance with Asha, neglecting her other obligations…and her best friend, Alex. This drama is looked upon with bemusement by Bailey’s cats, Chester and Nala, who have their own priorities and interject themselves into the scenes and music. Events come to a head when Alex comes over to confront Bailey about her friend-abandonment, and the two affectionately make up just in time for Asha to misconstrue everything. And yes, yes, there is a trio with singing cats.

Cast of Characters

  • Bailey (soprano) – A young woman making her way through the post-collegiate world, recently swept away in a budding new romance.
  • Alex (soprano) – Bailey’s responsible best friend.
  • Asha (mezzo or soprano) – Bailey’s new girlfriend.
  • Nala (soprano or mezzo) – Bailey’s mischievous girl cat.
  • Chester (mezzo) – Bailey’s mischievous boy cat. A one-time shelter cat.


  • flute/piccolo
  • Bb/Bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • piano

Also available: piano-vocal edition.

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