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The Quickening Life of a Play 0

The Quickening Life of a Play

Erin Brehm and I co-starred in a production of Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich‘s play Cleavage at the Universal Theatre Festival this past January. Cecelia Raker, herself a playwright, was the director; the production was a surprise...

The Honorably Doctor Lydia 0

The Honorably Doctor Lydia

Lydia Diamond will bean honorable doctorate recipient at Pine Manor College’s commencement this year. This caps off an academic/theatrical year that included the Wimberly Award from the Huntington Theatre Company and glowing reviews of...

Celebrating Jon Lipsky 0

Celebrating Jon Lipsky

Jon Lipsky, playwright and longtime faculty member at the Boston University School of Theatre, passed away on March 19, 2011. Although I didn’t study with Jon (I was one of Lydia Diamond’s playwriting students),...