Creative Works


  • In Memoriam (2009) motet for vocal and instrumental trios
    Dedicated to the memory of Simon B. Parker.
  • Psalm 22 (2008) anthem
  • Et Resurrexit (2007) anthem
  • The Meaning of Change – for AK on her 20th Birthday (2007) motet
  • Every Knee Shall Bow (2005) motet
  • The Beauty of Israel (2004) motet


  • The Rape of the Lock (2003) program music


Pianist Aleksandra Lvin and Basil Considine. Photo by Isis Traumann-Davis.

  • Trois Nocturne (2008, 2012, 2013) character pieces
  • Piano Sonata in A minor (2003) sonata
  • Themes of my Friends (2002) suite

Sacred Dramatic Works

  • The Temptation of Christ in the Desert (2006) oratorio

Stage Works

  • Game of Thrones: The Musical (2016) musical
  • Mom, Dad…I’m Fat! (2012) play
  • The Abortion Bomb (2012) play
  • Simply Tonal (2012) operatic scene
  • The Wedding Fiasco (2009) opera
  • The Last Command of Treason (2008) play
  • Don Giovanni di Casanova (2007-present) opera
  • The Strange Tale of Snow White, His Stepmother and the Seven Lovely Dwarves (2006-present) musical
  • Frat Party (2007) opera
  • The Fall of the Round Table (2006) musical
  • The Falling of Seasons (2003) musical

Standalone Music-Theater Songs and Scenes

  • “A Proper Laboratory Mouse” (2016), for mezzo-soprano, soprano, and soprano/tenor comedic, uptempo vocal trio
    • A laboratory mouse with enhanced intelligence tries to recruit a field mouse to assist her in supporting an absent-minded scientist.
    • Lyrics by Rick Widen.
  • “Pulses” (2016), for mezzo-soprano, soprano, and baritone serious vocal trio
    • Written in memory of the victims of the 2016 Pulse club shooting victims in Orlando.
    • Lyrics by Courtney Stirn.
  • “The Wedding Toast / Killed it with a Kiss” (2016), for soprano serious ballad
    • The bride’s childhood friend has a devastating toast to unleash at the wedding. Written in the style of a Disney “I want” princess song.
    • Lyrics by Mark Rosenwinkel.
  • “Safety / Treason / Winky / McGee – Just Another Adventure of Sir Winksalot” (2016), for baritone and tenor comedic vocal duo
    • The dashing and rather full of himself Sir Winksalot encounters his childhood archrival Sir Marquee Evil McGee. Hilarity ensues when Winksalot tries to apprehend McGee for various nefarious doings.
    • Lyrics by Heather Meyer.
  • “Secrets” (2016), for baritone/tenor comedic, uptempo tenor song
    • The butler to Christian Grey (of 50 Shades of Grey fame) dishes on serving the rich and famous and S&M-loving.
    • Lyrics by Maxie Rockymore.

Vocal (Non-Choral, Non-Stage)

  • “Ozymandias”, for baritone voice (2003) art song