Basil Considine

Bodice Rippers and Manuscripts, Oh My! 0

Bodice Rippers and Manuscripts, Oh My!

It’s not everyday that your academic paper happens to tie in with a best-selling novel or a hit Showtime series. Those of you who will be in Montreal this March can find out how...

Repertory at the Met 0

Repertory at the Met

There are 29 operas in repertory for the Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-2011 season. This is a stupendous amount for most companies and most cities, and makes you wonder what things would be like if the...

My Doppleganger 0

My Doppleganger

I’ve never met another Basil, much less someone who shares my last name. There is, in fact, another Basil Considine out there – Dr. Basil Considine, Jr., MD, to be precise. I’m a musician;...

Montreal 2011 0

Montreal 2011

This just in – I will be speaking at the Renaissance Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Montreal 24-26 March 2011.