Monthly Archive: March 2013

The Quickening Life of a Play 0

The Quickening Life of a Play

Erin Brehm and I co-starred in a production of Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich‘s play Cleavage at the Universal Theatre Festival this past January. Cecelia Raker, herself a playwright, was the director; the production was a surprise...

The Diversity in Archives 0

The Diversity in Archives

You never know in advance what you’ll find during archival research. Very often, you don’t know what other people are trying to find, too, until you ask them. For example: in 2011, I was...

Enter Ockeghem 0

Enter Ockeghem

Boston University’s Center for Early Music recently ran an excellent three-day workshop on performing 15th-century songs. Over the course of the workshop, participants (myself included) prepared and performed three-voice French chansons by composers such...