Upcoming Play Performance

My play The Abortion Bomb (2012) will be staged by Forearmed Productions in Philadelphia this November, as part of Plays and Players’ theatrical series The American Presidency: A Theatrical Response. The larger series is organized by the Plays and Players’ Theater; within it, Forearmed Productions is staging a Republican Theater Festival (in which The Abortion Bomb will be presented). The development of the Republican Theater Festival attracted considerable attention when it was first announced, and caused a lot of interested parties to weigh in with very strong opinions. It’s not every day that your call for submissions attracts Roger Ebert!

There’s not a lot of space in promo materials to give summaries of ten plays, so here’s the author (i.e., me)’s blurb about the play:

The play “The Abortion Bomb” was written in response to the renewed cultural debate over abortion that erupted in the United States in 2012. It engages with issues of social responsibility, conflicting beliefs, and cultural constructs surrounding a debate that still leaves Americans raw almost four decades after Roe vs. Wade.

“The Abortion Bomb” tells the emotionally-charged story of a small family in Middle America and their response to a member’s decision to seek an abortion: the good, the bad, and the ugly mixing with compassion, orthodoxy, and pain. Beliefs are challenged, tempers run high, and long-buried secrets are forced into the light.

I myself am very curious to see the other works in the festival. Phillymag.com has a writeup.

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